Fixed Wireless Access and 5G: Broadband Internet for Business

fixed wireless access in BostonHow does your business connect to the Internet in the Greater Boston area? Industry research giant Deloitte has precited that 2022 will be huge for fixed wireless access (FWA) service, which utilizes cellular data signals to provide fast and reliable broadband internet for business and consumer use. This growth will take place over a few years, but the most significant impact is anticipated to be felt in the coming year. The prediction sees growth from 60 million users identified in 2020 to more than 82 million in just 2022 alone. Industry studies expect growth to achieve more than 103-168 million users by the end of 2026. Now is the time to learn all you can about 5G fixed wireless solutions to see how they can work to your advantage before everyone else gets in on the game.

What is Fixed Wireless Access?

More than half of all individuals around the globe are still waiting for reliable broadband services. This includes small to medium-sized businesses, which often operate out of home offices, garages, basements, and other non-traditional business locations. Fixed wireless access, or FWA as it is known in the industry, is a process that offers wireless broadband through the use of radio links between two fixed points – hence the use of the term “fixed” in its name. What this means is that broadband Internet for business can be provided without having to invest in laying fiber and cables to ensure last-mile connectivity, something that previously held back many from receiving this type of consistent and high-speed connection.

The opportunities coming from 5G fixed wireless solutions are considered revolutionary for many who have been unable to get more than satellite, dial-up, and other lower-speed connections in their area. Fixed wireless access and WiFi are different technologies that can work together to create a network that provides improved connectivity for a home or business. The requirement of FWA is to have a nearby transmission tower and a fixed line of sight to that tower. Satellite connections can be hindered by a little bit of bad weather, and cable users experience outages that can last for long periods of time. However, one of the benefits of fixed wireless access is that it is relatively safe from interference, regardless of the weather conditions, as it relies on cellular data signals for the connection.

Why 5G Matters?

Everyone is so excited about the use of 5G fixed wireless solutions because it is expected to increase the speeds available for fixed wireless access users considerably. With 4G, the connections are much slower than other broadband connections, making it not very suitable for heavy users, including broadband Internet for business. However, as 5G use grows and expands, these cellular data signals will significantly increase in speed, making it perfect for everyone from remote workers to intense gamers to use this type of internet access. If you are getting 5G cell reception in your area, it is likely that you will be able to utilize 5G for fixed wireless access.

The primary reason for the growth in this type of broadband Internet for business and consumer usage is, without a doubt, the expansion of 5G, however, there are a few other factors that have helped to make it a reality, as well. Even governments around the world are now looking at FWA as the best option to provided internet access to communities in underserved areas. 5G has helped fixed wireless access to be as fast and reliable to be viewed as more than just a niche technology, but as a real solution that holds value for multiple users around the globe. It is anticipated that FWA will ultimately replace existing DSL connections, which are extremely outdated and unable to keep up with demand.

Looking to Grow in 2022?

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Published on December 15, 2021