Information Security Policy in BostonIt can be challenging to identify vulnerabilities within your company that make it possible for cyber criminals to attack your network or IT system. You might think that you have all of the best and latest security software in place to safeguard your system, but there are some very simple issues that most companies miss. Working with a company like Synivate who can offer comprehensive Boston IT solutions can help to address these known vulnerabilities and make it even more difficult for criminals to exploit them.

Common Employee Concerns

Network security in Boston should be multifaceted. What that means is that it should be approached in a number of different ways to be most successful at reducing vulnerabilities. While most people think that risk based security has more to do with software vulnerabilities than anything else, the truth is that the human component is often the biggest concern. Education can be one of the most powerful weapons when it comes to improving network security within your company. Some of the most common attacks can be prevented just by staying on top of employee training to reduce the risks posed to essential company data.

While you might think that your team is sharp enough to spot a phishing or spear phishing attack, the truth is that they have gotten more sophisticated over the years. Even users who are very well-versed in the types of emails that are used for this purpose have been fooled. Just a few years ago, phishing emails were very easy to spot out because they usually included crazy stories about a wealthy prince who needed help gaining access to his fortune. Today’s phishing emails appear much more legitimate and even seem to come directly from companies and organization that you know. They include your name and another identifying piece of information about you to make you think that they are valid.

What is an Information Security Policy?

In addition to ongoing education, training, and support, companies should implement an information security policy and have all employees acknowledge their responsibilities concerning network security in Boston and the surrounding area. This type of risk based security management has helped thousands of companies to better define the acceptable and unacceptable use of company systems for employees, supervisors, managers, and even IT staff. Don’t just assume that your team knows better; ensure that they do by establishing a set of rules and guidelines designed to protect company data.

Some of the responsibilities to include for employees include:

  • agree that all machines and equipment should only be used for business or professional reasons
  • ensure that each employee is responsible for the content of all data, including images, audio, text, and files that they share either internally or externally
  • require all communications to have the employee’s name attached and for each team member to be responsible for any and all transactions performed via their account
  • implement passwords and screen locks on any devices or systems that are owned or used by the company for business purposes
  • submit that all passwords will be changed regularly according to company policy and that all shared passwords will be stored in an encrypted password database for use only by authorized employees
  • agree to any company policies that deal with the security of company data and records
  • Custom Boston IT Solutions

    Synivate can help your business develop a risk based security solution that will provide services and opportunities to reduce employee, network, and software vulnerabilities. We can recommend additional measures that you can take to protect your business and all essential data from cyber criminals. Training and education opportunities are available to further increase network security in Boston, helping to reduce and prevent malicious cyber attacks.

    If you are interested in learning more about these services or would like to speak with our team about comprehensive consultation services for your business, give us a call at 617-517-0704. We can answer any questions that you might have about the services available through Synivate and help you establish policies designed to protect your business from common and industry-based vulnerabilities. Call today to schedule a consultation or to get more information about any of the professional services that we provide.