Data Warehouse Services: How to Choose a Data Warehouse Vendor

data warehouse servicesOne of the best ways to ensure that you get the proper services and support you require for your business is to work with a reputable technology consultation company like Synivate. If you do not have a lot of experience with essential data storage or have never set up a data backup and recovery plan, you will want to seek professional advice. Our team of technology engineers and technicians can assist you by providing comprehensive consultation services, as well as offer IT management services to help your business grow without having to setup an entire IT department at your location. Data warehouse services can help a business to compile data from multiple sources into one single data source of truth. This can be key for companies that have multiple locations, team members, and departments to ensure that their data is completely protected.

What Are Data Warehouse Services?

You are likely familiar with data warehouse services – or at least have heard of them – even if you don’t realize it. Some of the most well-known providers include Amazon’s Redshift and Google’s BigQuery. While there are a variety of options available, not all solutions are created equal. Before you invest anything or choose a data warehouse vendor, consider a consultation with one of our team members at Synivate. Our many years of experience, training, and knowledge of the latest technologies, programs, and software can work to your advantage whether you are seeking monitoring services or wish to set up data backup and recovery for your essential data storage.

Once the data is compiled and collected from the multiple sources, the data warehouse services then use extract, load, transform (ELT) to help prepare the data for proper analysis. Other features can be included to assist in this process to improve efficiency, including data reporting and visualization capabilities. Businesses can choose from either on-premises or cloud-based data storage. The cloud data warehouse storage solutions can be hosted within public or private cloud, while the on-premises solutions are stored on your own in-house servers and computers. Synivate can assist you in selecting the best option based on your unique needs and requirements, addressing any industry regulations or budgetary demands at the same time.

Safely Navigate Data Warehousing Programs

Our team can provide you with a confidential and comprehensive consultation to discuss and address your needs for data warehouse services. We can assist you in determining where the data will be hosted based on the type of data that you need to safeguard, as well as other essential criteria. Different types of data can include structured, semi-structured, relational, and non-relational. The source of where the data is coming from can play a key role into how you should choose a data warehouse vendor as well. We address industry and government regulations, such as any legal or compliance requirements that must be met, in addition to how often the data will need to be accessed and the tasks that must be performed.

Our team can also assist you in the design, implementation, management, and testing of a professional data backup and recovery plan. This strategy is critical for all types of businesses, not just those that have government-regulated essential data storage requirements. It is also in your best interest to establish business policies for certain aspects of your organization, including an electronic data disposal policy, end user data backup policy, and data encryption policy. This will help you to effectively sort the data that will be stored in the data warehouse services and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in this area. Contact Synivate today by calling 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have about how to choose a data warehouse vendor, what you should expect from data warehouse services, and how to protect your business from potential attacks and disasters with a comprehensive essential data backup and recovery program.

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