Boston IT security services for SMBsMost small to medium-sized businesses will tell you that the biggest Boston security challenges they face have more to do with finances than anything else. Unlike large organizations with big budgets for IT security services and management, cybersecurity for SMBs is often relegated to off-the-shelf software programs and well-laid plans for performing regular backups in-house. Sadly, this approach is not strong enough to prevent cyberattacks in Boston or even recover from them if and when they do happen. Sole proprietors, self-employed, subcontractors, family-owned businesses, and new business owners are frequent targets of cybercriminals despite the general belief that these individuals only go after big corporations. In addition to allocating the funds to support proper security services, many SMBs also face other threats when it comes to securing and protecting essential company data.

Outsourcing IT Security Services

One way to overcome the challenges faced by today’s businesses, many of which rely heavily on computers and other technologies for daily activities, is to outsource IT security services to a reputable organization. For new and growing organizations, this can be extremely helpful in several ways. Outsourcing cybersecurity for SMBs can help save time, money, and reduce overhead related to hiring, maintaining, and outfitting qualified IT staff in-house. When you think about the cost associated with recruiting, hiring, and retaining a full IT department, it can be intimidating for any business model. Computers, servers, workstations, peripherals, and other necessary equipment are just the beginning; then there’s salaries, benefits, insurance, sick days, holidays, and ongoing training to consider. Outsourcing these services to overcome Boston security challenges can be significantly more affordable and will provide your business with access to highly trained and experienced professionals who work 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional remote monitoring and management are available through Synivate. Our goal is not just to provide IT security services and offer options to overcome challenges concerning cybersecurity for SMBs, but also to ensure business continuity and offer employee education designed to prevent cyberattacks in Boston and the surrounding area. We work with a wide variety of clients across many diverse industries, offering services that would normally require a significantly larger investment for staff, resources, and a full-fledged IT department. Business continuity is essential, as studies show that even a short-term disruption of service can result in disaster for most business models. Missed opportunities, lost sales and customers – all are common following a cyberattack event. We work with each client to create custom solutions designed to reduce downtime, improve performance, and maximize results. Synivate offers comprehensive IT services, network security services and support, as well as a variety of other essential services.

Remote Work and Cybersecurity for SMBs

Another challenge faced by many small to medium-sized businesses is remote work scenarios due to pandemic requirements. While there are some who have seemed to thrive in this type of work situation, others are struggling to keep up with day-to-day tasks and ensure proper security guidelines are being met. This puts many SMBs at even greater risk due to lack of employee knowledge, follow-through, and commitment to security during the pandemic and quarantine. With the future regarding the coronavirus still uncertain, there is no time to waste for business owners to get the training, support, and services necessary to protect their organizations. Different industries require unique options to overcome Boston security challenges. Some companies may require additional protection for sensitive customer or client data, while others may need something that will protect them from security issues related to communications and collaboration programs.

To prevent cyberattacks in Boston, your business must have a clear-cut plan of action for everything from the proper set-up of VPNs for remote access employees to effective implementation of security protocols for social media, emails, and other communications applications. Synivate can assist you in achieving this goal, whether you have already been the victim of an attack or if you want to prevent issues by implementing tools that focus on cybersecurity for SMBs. Our many years of experience working with clients to overcome Boston security challenges can work in your favor. It is critical for businesses of all sizes to take steps to protect their essential data and records through the use of network security services. Anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software applications are not enough. A comprehensive array of options are required to block viruses, malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks. Still, the most valuable tools include proper set-up of all devices, ongoing monitoring and management, and employee education and support.

Reduce Vulnerabilities: Boston IT Security Services

If you are interested in learning more about how Synivate can help your small to medium-sized business overcome today’s security challenges and prevent cyberattacks in Boston, contact our team today. We can answer any questions you might have about cybersecurity for SMBs, offer a detailed run-down of our professional IT security services, and provide insight into our employee education and support programs. Boston security challenges do not have to threaten the future of your business any longer. We can assist you in implementing networking security services, education, management, and disaster recovery programs that will protect your business, whether your team is working remotely or back in the office. Give us a call at 617-848-1248 to speak with one of our team members about your cybersecurity needs.