boston cybersecurity strategyAll of the reports show that cyberattacks continue to grow, evolve, and become more severe. Companies that rely on computers and the internet to do business must learn how to adapt and increase their security strategy in 2020. Cloud-based disaster recovery, comprehensive data back-up, and other Boston cybersecurity solutions are necessary to protect the future of your business. It pays to stay up on the latest threats so you will know the common tactics used in cyberattacks, but that is not enough. Greater Boston managed service providers like Synivate can offer the best hope for cybersecurity strategies with our innovative technology solutions.

Increase Cybersecurity Awareness

Studies show that the more your employees can learn about the threat of cyberattacks, the more likely they will be to be careful in the actions that they take online. Awareness is the anchor to many Boston cybersecurity solutions. At Synivate, we offer a variety of services, but one of the most essential is the education and support that we provide to you and your team. Many of the worst problems that can impact a business of any size stem from an employee inadvertently clicking on a suspicious link in an email or by visiting an infected website. Knowledge is power! We can help to reduce your company’s vulnerabilities through a series of informative programs for your staff and by reducing vulnerabilities, making preparations for cloud-based disaster recovery measures, and provide comprehensive monitoring services.

Even if you are already using anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security-based software applications for your business, you need to do more. You need a security program that has a multi-faceted array of options designed to detect and block not just viruses and malware, but also ransomware and other types of dangerous attacks. Today’s cyberattacks are more sophisticated and complex than ever before; criminals have had to step up their game to overcome security solutions implemented by Greater Boston managed service providers. The best way to make sure that you are covered and have a comprehensive data back-up and recovery system ready to go in case of attack, power failure, or any other type of disaster, is to enlist the help of Synivate and our network security services.

Create a Strategy for Cybersecurity

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will work with you to create and implement a strategy designed to protect your network or IT system. The goal is to make it even harder for criminals to attack your system. We will provide you with a complete evaluation of your current set-up and suggest options that can be used to address known vulnerabilities and create more complex methods to prevent access. Part of our Boston cybersecurity solutions will be to encourage you to reduce or eliminate vulnerable software, firmware, and elements within your network by performing regular updates and upgrades, as needed.

Many attacks prey on businesses that have outdated operating systems, software programs, and applications that have known issues. All they need is a tiny window to gain access to your essential company data. The goal is to steal data or install malicious code. Regular updates and upgrades can eliminate these vulnerabilities and reduce your threat for an attack. Firmware must be updated as well, including the software that provides the function to all of your peripherals, including printers, routers, and other hardware devices. Outdated systems can be exploited if not updated or upgraded on a regular basis. Our managed services can help you stay on top of all these essential tasks.

Prepare and Protect

While our Boston cybersecurity solutions are designed to prevent an attack from ever taking place, there is no such thing as a 100 percent foolproof system. There are just too many elements involved that can create a vulnerability when you least expect it. Employees, software, hardware, firmware, network issues, power outages, and other common issues can help cybercriminals find a new way to get in and exploit your vulnerabilities. Comprehensive data back-up and professional cloud-based disaster recovery systems can help to prepare you for any eventuality. Studies show that companies that do not have an effective back-up and recovery system are more likely to go out of business within a few months after a cyberattack.

Our team will work with you to recommend additional measures that you can take to protect your business and essential data from cybercriminals. Training and support for your staff will help to prevent most malicious cyberattacks. If you would like to learn more about implementing a strategy for network security to protect your business, give us a call at 617-517-0704. We integrate and support IT solutions designed to address the complex needs of your business in a very convenient, affordable, all-in-one service. Speak with a representative about our FREE network assessments and evaluations that are available while you consider using our services.