ddos attacks on businessWhile every business is at risk for attack by cybercriminals, there are certain industries that attract their attention more than others. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks on business is a common method that is used to try and take down a website. The motives could be socially, politically, or financially motivated, depending on the goals of the hacker. The process involves inundating the website with traffic from multiple sources so it can overwhelm the server until it crashes or until the host shuts it down. DDoS attacks on business occur with small and large organizations, so it pays to work with a disaster recovery service and remote monitoring in Boston to prepare and protect your company from attack.

Which Businesses Get Hit the Most?

Data reveals that there are certain industries and types of businesses that are more frequently targeted by hackers than others. For example, a year-end report for 2019 showed that the most common companies attacked had something to do with the gaming or gambling industries. DDoS protection systems have helped to safeguard businesses of all sizes and types from attack, which is why statistics show less frequent and intense attacks in the past year than were experienced in recent years. These protection systems and the services provided for remote monitoring and defense have helped to reduce the impact of DDoS attacks on business considerably.

One study revealed that approximately 25 percent of DDoS attacks lasted less than 10 minutes, and only a very small faction lasted more than 24 hours. The size of the attack can vary considerably from one instance to another. Increased rates could be explained by the hackers wanting to do as much damage to the website as possible before DDoS systems kick in and block the attack. Millions of packets per section (Mpps) is used to measure the rate at which the packets of data are delivered during the attack and Gigabits per second (Gbps) is used to measure the total load that was delivered on the network server during the attack. While attacks have been measured as high as 580 Mbps and 680 Gbps, the majority of which are less than 50 Mbps and 50 Gbps.

Persistence is Key for DDoS Attacks – In addition to measuring the Mpps and Gbps for these DDoS attacks on business, industry experts also monitor for the number of attacks that occur on a single business or website. Studies show that a single attack is uncommon, as the majority of businesses attacked were hit up to five times. The next largest group was attacked ten or more times. The attacks were rarely the same, meaning that the hackers attempted different attack methods before giving up and moving on to another website. So even if your business has survived an attack, it is essential to ensure that you employ all of the preventive and protective measures available because it is likely that it won’t be the final attempt.

Remote Monitoring in Boston

At Synivate, we offer a comprehensive approach to IT management, monitoring, and support. We work with our clients to develop a back-up and recovery system that will protect their essential data and get them back up and running as soon as possible. We believe strongly that a disaster recovery service is essential for today’s tech-driven businesses. Remote monitoring in Boston is also helpful to ensure that your system is fully protected and able to recover as quickly as possible following any type of attack. You need much more than malware and anti-virus monitoring in Boston; you need to work with a team that can help you to prepare for all types of attacks and protects your critical data from cybercriminals. We monitor your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing all of the systems management, tracking, and security services your business needs to maximize your system’s potential.

We can also assist you with other professional services and solutions designed specifically for your business and the industry that you serve. Business continuity, cloud computing solutions, advanced communications systems, consulting and strategy, help desk support, network security, and custom options can be used to provide your company with the tools, resources, and support it needs to keep growing in the future. Call Synivate for a FREE evaluation or to speak with one of our technicians about your needs for remote monitoring in Boston, concerns about DDoS attacks on business, or to set up a strategic disaster recovery service to protect your essential data. You can reach our team at 617-517-0704 or contact us directly via our website.