hybrid cloud solutionsOne of the most popular types of cloud computing in the business world today is what is known as hybrid cloud solutions. Whether this method is suitable for you and your organization should be determined after learning more about how these solutions work. Similar to the advice that you likely got from your parents as a youth, just because “everybody’s doing it” doesn’t mean that you should. While hybrid solutions can help to reduce costs and offer other benefits, it is essential to work with a service provider that can offer reliable and secure Greater Boston IT solutions based on your unique needs and industry requirements.

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

The term “hybrid” describes a type of cloud computing that works with a combination of services from public cloud providers and private cloud solutions. It can be a great way to take advantage of shared storage solutions for employees working from home or on the road while maximizing your potential without requiring a substantial investment. Studies show that more than 60 percent of organizations worldwide are already using hybrid cloud solutions or are planning to within the next couple of years.

Depending on the scale of your in-house IT department or the skills of your staff, you may need to outsource the work necessary to improve productivity in Boston with cloud computing services. Synivate has worked extensively with clients across multiple industries to provide a wide range of cloud computing solutions designed according to their needs. We can perform an assessment of your current infrastructure to determine whether your network design is well-suited for a hybrid cloud application. This is necessary to ensure the security of essential company data and network access.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In our experience, one of the most common misunderstandings about hybrid cloud solutions is where the servers are located. Some people think that the word hybrid means that the IT operations are done in-house at the office while using a public cloud for shared storage solutions. The truth is that this technique uses a system that includes a combined network of both private and public clouds to establish an IT environment. The different clouds, both public and private, are designed to operate independently of one another to increase security. However, they can communicate to increase portability for company data and certain shared applications.

Our team can work with you to create custom private or hybrid cloud solutions, depending on your needs. Cloud technology can be easily tailored to suit your requirements, providing you with more opportunities to grow and expand your business without compromising safety and security. Private clouds ensure the use of dedicated hardware and software, which can be purchased or leased from a professional provider like Synivate. If your industry has certain government regulations or requirements that must be met to establish a high-level of security, a private cloud solution might be the best option.

Increasing Cloud Security

One of the most crucial steps of implementing any type of cloud computing solution is to add security to protect company data and access to proprietary applications. This will provide your organization with better control over IT operations and ensure that you continue to meet any government regulations pertinent to your industry regarding a specific encryption level. Additional security can be provided for particular areas of your shared storage solutions, such as financial, client, and human resources records.

Report logs can even be provided to show employee activity and access to specific files or to maintain access to archives of communications for staff. Cloud computing can be used to achieve all of your goals and ensure Greater Boston IT solutions you can use to your advantage. Our team will consult with you and your staff to design a solution based on your needs. We can match your software, hardware, IT operations, and security requirements while establishing the means to support future growth and expansion, as needed.

You can count on Synivate to provide the information and support necessary to navigate the complex integration of private or hybrid cloud solutions into your existing IT environment. Whether your goals are to improve productivity in Boston or allow remote access for employees working from home, we offer a complimentary development consultation designed to help you maximize your results. Call today at 617-848-1248 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants.