Corporate Security for Business: Network Security and Support

network security and supportWith cyber attacks on the rise all around the globe, it is more important than ever for companies to begin taking network security and support seriously. A recent research study conducted by Fortinet showed that more than 80 percent of organizations have suffered from at least one or more breaches resulting in lost revenue in the past twelve months. Nearly half of those reported breaches costing more than a million dollars. From the same study, more than 60 percent revealed that they were struggling to find enough IT talent to handle corporate security for business to meet their requirements. Others stated that they were having a difficult time retaining the talent that they already had due to increased competition in the IT field. Over 65 percent stated that they felt the shortage of IT employees proficient in the cybersecurity field was a definite risk for their organizations.

Should You Outsource Security Services?

One of the best ways to achieve all of your security goals for business is to outsource these services to a reputable and forward-thinking IT provider, such as Synivate. We specialize not only in network security and disaster recovery support, but also mobile device security for staff and in-house equipment, asset tracking, monitoring and management, cloud services, and much more. Whatever your technology needs you can find solutions designed specifically for your requirements – and your budget – at Synivate. We serve clients throughout the Greater Boston area and can work with you and your team to develop corporate security for business that will meet or exceed your expectations.

In addition, we can also offer training and support for you and your staff to overcome common cyber vulnerabilities, including phishing, viral, malware, and ransomware attacks. Employee training is one of the best lines of defense when it comes to network security and support for modern businesses. Whether you currently have an in-house IT team that simply needs more support to ensure 24/7 monitoring and management or if you do not have the resources to create your own Information Technology department, we can provide services tailored specifically to your needs. You not only need to have quality security programs in place but have a team that can maintain it and stay on top of minor incidents and red flags as they occur to prevent a significant breach or loss.

Network Security and Support

Contact Synivate to schedule a free and comprehensive consultation. We promise that there will be no pressure or obligation to continue working with our team to outsource security services. We strive to provide honest and friendly advice designs to assist you in better understanding the needs and requirements of your business, both now and in the future. Our 24/7 remote monitoring and management services can be essential for technology drive businesses, designed to reduce downtime and improve performance across the board. Business continuity is critical in modern organizations, as it is not if, but when you will be on the receiving end of a cyber-attack or victim of disaster that will require a comprehensive data backup strategy.

Other services, including productivity boosting cloud computing, unified communications technologies, help desk support, and professional consulting and strategy can also be used to your advantage. Our team provides services designed to help you improve the way that you manage and monitor your IT environment by developing a custom-designed approach to address your unique needs and requirements. Cyber-attacks are on the rise on a global scale and can significantly impact your organization. It is possible to prevent attacks through a multi-faceted approach that includes employee education, monitoring, management, and ongoing support, while preparing your organization to recover quickly following an attack or any type of disaster. You can count on Synivate to provide you with proactive and proven services designed to protect your business and prepare it for the future.

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Contact Synivate today by calling 617-848-1248 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians about your needs. We can schedule a more comprehensive evaluation to ensure that we have a greater understanding about the demands and requirements of your business. Call today and let us help you outsource security services to provide valuable network security and support for your organization.