Confidential Computing for Industry: Data Protection Services

confidential computingCertain industries require more safeguards to protect their essential data, including healthcare, education, and government systems. Developers are working diligently to find new ways of making the cloud safer for business. Confidential computing for industry has entered the playing field, promising would-be clients that their data protection services will enhance the services they need from cloud providers to ensure data is kept secure within the cloud. The protection of certain types of data, including financial, security, and personal information, is essential for many businesses, which are bound by both legal and ethical regulations. It is critical to ensure that your company’s data is properly secured to ensure the longevity of your business.

What is Confidential Computing?

Compared to other types of services made available by well-known public, hybrid, and private cloud providers, confidential computing for industry is designed to protect data in a different way. It is a brand new method that is being embraced by a variety of cloud providers but has yet to really come fully into its own. Primarily aimed at the healthcare industry, which has come attracted a lot of attention due to HIPAA government regulations and personally identifiable information privacy, there are some unique technologies at work to help it integrate with traditional servers or virtual machines, depending on the needs of the customer.

The goal of confidential computing is to protect the essential data while it is in use, at rest, and in transit. It is designed to stop attackers that attempt to access data while it is being used. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are just some of the methods being considered to ensure that cybercriminals are unable to penetrate the security that is put in place. The definitions must be wide and deep enough to include a variety of different approaches and tools to anticipate and arm the system to protect itself against attack. One example of this is to use an AI algorithm to share large data sets without sharing an IP, which is where healthcare industries are currently experiencing issues.

Top Benefits of Confidential Computing for Industry

While there are other types of data protection services, including 24/7 monitoring and management, as well as advanced security programs, confidential computing hopes to take it a step further to provide even more safety and protection for essential data. Protecting against cyber attacks is just the beginning, although it is clearly one of the most strategic goals of this type of security for cloud providers. Some of the industry’s biggest names are already employing confidential computing protections, including Microsoft Azure’s TLS encryption and attestation and Fortanix’s adoption of Intel Software Guard Extensions to create a hardware-based TEE or memory enclave to protect the AI workload by isolating it during processing.

Other benefits of making the cloud safer for business is that it helps businesses to meet industry regulations, including HIPAA and other specific rules for protecting consumer data. In addition to these very notable benefits, the technology used for confidential computing helps to provide employees with AI support for day-to-day tasks, including analysis of data to improve the services that they deliver to patients and customers. Contact tracing, which was key during the COVID-19 pandemic, is also a benefit of this type of computing system. While many will tout the benefits of confidential computing for the healthcare industry, there is a plethora of other industries and businesses that can gain advantages simply by using these types of data protection services.

Innovative Technology Solutions

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