communications solutions for remote work in bostonAs shelter-in-place requirements hit the nation, more and more businesses provided the means for their staff to work from home. The well-known video conferencing APP Zoom saw a sudden burst in users due to remote work requirements and a need to communicate and collaborate with employees. Unfortunately, the influx of new users combined with inherent flaws in the popular service has attracted nefarious individuals who are taking advantage of the situation. User email addresses and photos were leaked, and issues with the Zoom installer even offered the means to gain root access to any computers that were unfortunate enough to run a malicious version of the program. Zoom has since come out and stated, “the company moved too fast and made missteps” during its growth phase.

Should You Ban Zoom?

Many major companies have now come forward to ban the use of Zoom. Some of the most significant include a wide range of well-known organizations, companies, governments, schools, and government agencies. Google has banned the use of Zoom from all company-owned computers and has directed its staff to use Duo for communications instead. Smart Communications has banned Zoom internally, and Space X has forbidden its staff to use Zoom, due to concerns about security and privacy. NASA has prohibited all of its employees from using Zoom, the US Senate has told members to use other platforms, and governments in Taiwan, Australia, and Germany have all followed suit.

So What Should You Do?

For many industries, particularly in a remote work situation like we find ourselves in today, communications is one of the essential kinds of technology that must be delivered in a way that will help employees to communicate, collaborate, and perform their duties effectively. Proper communications tools can help to improve communications between co-workers, customers, colleagues, vendors, and anyone else that your business relies on to succeed. There are many ways to communicate, including email, instant messaging, screen sharing, VoIP services, mobility solutions, and telephone contact. Remote work collaboration solutions should be designed to improve productivity in Boston, offering a unified communications opportunity for everyone involved.

Synivate offers a wide range of communications solutions for business, based on your unique needs and industry requirements. We use the term “unified communications” to describe the integration of all these communications options together into one comprehensive solution. We work with each client as an individual, identifying their needs, security requirements, and essential tool demands to create a solution that will improve efficiency and productivity across the board. We can also implement services that will keep your communications systems running safely, securely, and with minimal downtime, offering 24/7 monitoring services designed to ensure that everything continues to work the way that it should. Our team can even work with you to develop policies regarding the use of these tools in the office or for your remote work force to reduce distractions and ensure maximum security at all times.

No Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

When it comes to communications, there is no package or program that will work for everyone. The tools that we offer to our clients are extremely diverse and are designed to meet specific needs and industry demands. We can also customize the services that we offer, increasing security, providing more control, or delivering unique means of communication to enhance your team’s abilities. We can host your communications system in-house or through a dedicated cloud server off-site for more flexibility. Instant messaging communications, screen sharing, video conferencing, and other effective methods can all be made available to your remote work staff using cloud services, software applications, or specific industry-required programs.

Our tech consultation services can work with you to create custom remote work collaboration solutions that will combine to make one cohesive communications network. Attempts by businesses to patch existing programs together to create a similar result will typically yield ineffective results. Our communications solutions for business are designed to provide you with more control and collaboration tools by integrating all of your systems seamlessly, and by adding new options together to boost security and efficiency. The best way to get started is to speak with a Synivate technician about your needs to increase security and improve productivity in Boston for your remote work staff. Our solutions can be designed to expand and offer new opportunities when your team returns to the office or to continue remote work options, should this situation provide advantages for your business.

Contact Synivate today at 617-517-0704 to simplify your approach to communications with our communications solutions for business. We can help you choose the best hardware, software applications, and tools necessary to establish a comprehensive and secure communication solution. Business IT solutions, management, and support are all available through Synivate in a convenient, all-in-one service approach. Call today to get a price estimate or begin making plans to implement remote work collaboration solutions for your organization.