Cloud Security: Protect Your Organization’s Virtual Environment

cloud securityEven the most experienced IT department may not be prepared to meet all of your needs when it comes to delivering effective cloud security for your virtual environment. Traditional cybersecurity services just don’t have what it takes when it comes to protecting cloud computing and cloud-based data storage. It is essential to establish a network cybersecurity system that provides quality, effective, and reliable protection now, while having the ability to adjust, adapt, and expand, as necessary, in the future. If you truly want to protect your assets and organizational infrastructure in the cloud, you will need security services, 24/7 monitoring and management support, and the right tools, all designed specifically for use with cloud platforms.

How Does Cloud Security Work?

The primary focus of a modern cloud security system is to utilize a combination of advanced technologies and processes to minimize the risk to your company’s operations, while protecting data and assets from all types of threats. Your network cybersecurity system should always be a step ahead of cyber criminals, supporting the work that your business needs to accomplish, while developing best practices designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure overall safety for your organization. Cloud security should work hand-in-hand with traditional cybersecurity methods for a more cohesive approach. While each type of security program has its own set of goals and demands, both work to protect the business’s objectives as a whole.

While traditional services for cybersecurity are designed around the data centers and networks themselves, cloud security is more about the securing of the virtual environment and the data, apps, and programs that it contains. In the early days of cloud computing, many organizations worked to adapt their existing security programs according to the needs of the cloud environment. However, the deployments used within the cloud are quite complex and are becoming more advanced as time goes on, requiring a different approach. Dedicated security programs, technologies, and services designed expressly for managing cloud security are now required. The evolution of vulnerabilities and threats found in cloud networks, as well as new workloads and programs being used, require the security program itself to adapt quickly to keep up with the increased risks.

Safeguard Your Company Cloud

One way to achieve your goals and develop a powerful network cybersecurity system for your virtual environment is to focus on centralizing the management of your organization’s applications and data. Reducing the cost and time required to monitor and manage your cloud security program effectively can be done with the help of an experienced service provider like Synivate. When you use the power of the cloud itself to build your cloud security program, you can reduce requirements for things like dedicated security hardware, while increasing flexibility and reliability across the board. Most of the cloud service providers available today will offer their customers the use of standard security tools designed to address specific areas of security requirements.

While proprietary applications and other programs must be protected from unauthorized access and cyber criminals, it is crucial to understand that data is king when it comes to cybersecurity. While encryption is the first step in most traditional cybersecurity programs, there are new technologies that can be used to your advantage. Virtual private networks (VPNs), access management practices, password managers, and multi-factor authentication, can also be used to augment and increase your website security. Sensitive data requirements for certain types of businesses due to industry regulations, including cloud compliance and governance, can assist you in achieving your goals. Data redundancy can often be your best friend, helping to prevent data loss and increase business continuity. A multi-cloud environment can offer a higher level of security, offering a way out for those trapped in the environment.

The Best Cybersecurity System for Cloud Computing

While there are many different options available that you can use to develop a network cybersecurity system for your organization, it is important to ensure that you find the one that is right for you. Working with a team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals can be a big help. At Synivate, we take pride in working with our clients to create a custom approach to cloud security that can work effectively alongside traditional cybersecurity programs to ensure the best possible results. From identity and access management solutions to encryption services, and custom security tools for your virtual environment, we can assist you in developing the best cybersecurity system for your needs. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 to discuss your cloud security questions and concerns with one of our team members.

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