Boston Solutions: How File Sync and Share Boost Productivity

One of the greatest security risks found in the workplace today is the adoption of consumer-grade file sync and share services, such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive. While these tools can be incredibly helpful, providing employees with a convenient way to access important files wherever they go, it also creates new challenges for protecting critical corporate data. Employees have the ability to access these files on company and personal devices, including smartphones, tablets, and home computers, a trend known in the industry as “bring your own device,” or BYOD. Again, while this desire to work anytime, anywhere may seem advantageous to most business structures, the risk associated with having these files accessed anytime, anywhere can quickly become a security nightmare.

A Smarter Alternative
If the flexibility and opportunity to work anytime, anywhere is appealing to you and the type of business that you do, there is a more secure way to still provide access without compromising the security and control of your company’s sensitive and essential data. It is important to provide your employees with the tools that they need to be productive, whether they are in the office or on the go. Greater Boston software solutions for file sync and share can help to give your team the productivity-enhancing technology they require, while still keeping sensitive information safe. Instead of allowing BYOD software to put your data at risk, consider using business-grade file sync and share solutions through Synivate.

The fundamental difference between a business-grade solution and one of the popular consumer-grade products is that you have the ability to implement strict security policies, either on the entire group or a case-by-case basis for each user. You can also prohibit the ability to sync to non-authorized devices and can even remotely wipe sensitive data from a device that is lost, stolen or owned by employees who have been terminated. Your team will still enjoy all of the benefits that they desire, including the ability to file sync and share via multiple devices, take advantage of data backup solutions and other services via remote monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area.

THE BOTTOM LINE: A business-grade file sync and share solution give you complete control over all corporate data while increasing productivity opportunities for your entire team. It is the ultimate win-win solution for company owners, managers, and employees, increasing productivity and data security across the board.

Real-Time Access to Data
There are many situations where these types of Greater Boston software solutions are beneficial. Nearly all of your employees will have a smartphone, and many will have a tablet. Business-grade file sync and share solutions enable your employees to sync their work and corporate files from the PC that they use at work to mobile devices and even approved remote computers, as they are needed. There are many situations where access to real-time data can be important. Your staff can open, view, email, and share files remotely. When certain apps are approved and provided, they can even edit productivity files, such as Microsoft Word or Excel while they are away from the office.

Some examples of situations where this could be used to your advantage include:

  • working out “in the field”
  • short business trips
  • seminars and workshops
  • industry conferences and gatherings
  • professional off-site meetings
  • collaborating with co-workers in and out of the office
  • sharing sensitive data with expiration time limits

Home Office Advantages
Another situation where access to file sync and share solutions can be beneficial is when employees work from home. In some cases, this could simply be working on projects or reports in the evening or on weekends, while other times it could be an employee who is unable to come into the office on a temporary basis. When the files are synced between the main office computers and the home office computer, everyone can stay up on the latest changes or updates made to those files. This approach also increases productivity, allowing your staff to work anytime, anywhere, while still maintaining effective updates and communication to the main office, safeguarding your essential corporate data.

Synivate can help you use business-grade file sync and share solutions to take your legacy file server and connect it to the cloud, making it even more powerful and productive for remote users. Frustrations associated with remotely accessing Virtual Private Networks (VPN), such as slow connections and issues with syncing, can be eliminated through the use of business-grade file syncing. Much like the way that data backup solutions can be provided through remote monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area, these cloud-based solutions allow organizations to stay in sync much more effectively between all points of access, including the server, main office computers, home office computers, and mobile devices. In fact, VPNs can become a thing of the past, giving businesses more freedom and control over important data and files.

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