Boston Software Solutions: Improving Productivity with Slack

Just about any business would love to embrace Slack’s motto, which says to “be less busy.” Finding ways to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area is a never-ending quest. However, with IT services support programs and an effective unified communications solution, it can be achieved. It can be difficult to know which Boston software solutions are best for you and your business, but with the guidance of our team of knowledgeable experts at Synivate Innovative Technology Solutions, it can be a piece of cake.

When it comes to communications, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to work with a professional consultant to find the best options available that will assist you in meeting your goals. Synivate will work with you to find the best approach to communications through the establishment of a comprehensive unified communications solution. Our team can also increase the return on your investment by remotely monitoring and managing your system to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the board. Our goal is to help each client to improve communications with employees, co-workers, colleagues, vendors, customers, and clients.

Excellent for Team-Based Organizations
There are a lot of intuitive features loaded into Slack that will help to keep your teams or departments organized and on the same page. Lots of great additives that provide options such as daily reporting and other methods that can be used to improve productivity in Boston area businesses. In can be used in-house to keep team members informed about the work that is being done and goals that are being met or it can also be used as a communications tool for remote team members working independently at different locations. In fact, Slack has been proven to be even more efficient than a traditional video conference call.

Options for Tool Integrations
In addition to the features and tools available through Slack, users can also integrate tools from other tools that they use, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce. Notifications for these tools will automatically get pushed to specified channels on Slack, creating a hub for all team communications to provide a better method for offering alerts. Everything is centralized and searchable to increase efficiency and effectiveness for overall communications within your business structure. Once again, this is a huge advantage for companies that want to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area by utilizing all of the tools associated with their integrated unified communications solution.

Customizing Specific Channels
Speaking of using channels on Slack, it is possible to create custom channels that allow for improved collaboration with this Boston software solution that helps to target specific areas of a project. Instead of just sending out randomized messages to the entire team as a whole, a channel can be used that brings together all communications, discussions, files, images, and other elements that are required to keep everything in one place and get everyone working on the same page. Multiple channels can be used within larger products to boost productivity in certain areas without cluttering up major channels with the necessary specifics required to get the job done. IT services support through Synivate can walk you through the process and provide training for staff to maximize the potential of using channels.

Manage Deadlines and Goals
It is also possible to integrate Slack into your overall Boston software solutions, and IT services support for project management systems. Connect Slack channels and other collaborative tools together to help managers stay on top of projects, ensure that all team members are working together, make notes of achievements and goals reached throughout the project, while still keeping an eye on the primary deadline and ultimate desired end results. Use one tool for project management and integrate it with Slack for the best options in collaboration. Explore the advantages of having a truly intuitive unified communications solution that is designed to increase discussions and collaboration while also working to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area.

Contact Synivate for Innovative Technology Solutions
If your business is located in the Greater Boston area or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to contact Synivate for opportunities that will help to boost productivity, while providing professional IT services support and other Boston software solutions. All of our services and solutions are designed to increase the efficiency and make improvements that will benefit your bottom line. Whether you are interested in a unified communications solution or if you are need of remote monitoring and support, you can count on Synivate for all of your innovative technology solutions and needs. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.