Greater Boston Social Engineering AttacksIt is important to understand that some cyber attacks are even more sophisticated than a software-based vulnerability virus. Social engineering attacks involve an actual con game that is used to gain access to valuable company data. When done correctly, this type of attack can even allow the attacker to gain access to entire computer networks. Social engineering attacks exploit human behavior. This is why prevention and user-training of employees are essential. In some situations, hacking into your company’s security system through social engineering can be even easier than other methods. Email is the most common form of attack; however, these attacks have also happened over the phone and in-person.

The Art of Manipulation

In the simplest of definitions, social engineering attacks are the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information that can be used to gain access to a computer or system. Criminals will target an individual with the intention of getting passwords, banking information, or by tricking them into installing malicious software that could ultimately provide them with control over the entire computer or network. Even the best Greater Boston IT solutions mean very little if your employees are easily tricked or fooled into providing passwords or essential information.

The saying, “knowledge is power” was never more accurate than it is in describing this type of situation. At Synivate, we offer a wide range of monitoring and management services, comprehensive data back-up, as well as education and training for you and your staff. This type of approach can provide you with reliable protection for your business. Security is about knowing who and what can be trusted. It isn’t just about being foolish, but about understanding how cyber criminals use the information they have at their disposal to intelligently con individuals in the business world.

The “Gomer Pyle” Effect

Have you ever watched the old black-and-white episodes of The Andy Griffith Show? Gomer Pyle is a character who takes everything at face value. Every bit of information given to him is taken literally, as he is just a very simple and trusting fellow. Security professionals know that the weakest link in any chain of security is the individual who accepts everything that is provided to them. You can have a million methods of security set-up within your business structure, but if a trusting employee unlocks the doors and welcomes the attacker in with a smile, it was all for nothing.

To prevent this from happening, education is required. Providing your staff with information about the types of social engineering attacks and methods used by cyber criminals is an excellent form of prevention. Emails from what appears to be a friend asking them to click a link or open an attachment, requests from what seems to be business partners asking to verify security information, and other types of cons are common. Email, social media, and other types of messaging systems are all used in an attempt to gain access to information. The messages are designed to use a person’s trust or curiosity against them – and it works.

Tips for Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

One of the best things that you can do is to work with professional monitoring and management services like Synivate. We provide a wide range of services and tools that you can use to your advantage to prevent cyber attacks of all types. We also offer comprehensive data back-up and recovery services, which can be used to quickly recover essential information if your data becomes compromised in any way. Our Greater Boston IT solutions can be customized to suit the particular needs of your business, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.

Some of the best tips include slowing down so you can stop and think before making a mistake. Con artists are good at creating a sense of urgency, which can pressure employees into making a mistake. Encourage your staff to be suspicious of any unsolicited messages and also to be wary of any emails that appear to be from companies that you work with if the message seems inappropriate. If any requests come in for passwords or financial information, they should be deleted immediately. Any requests for help or even offers for help should also be rejected and deleted right away. Do not forward them to anyone else or reply to them in any way. Synivate can provide you and your team with solid information that you can use to help thwart these types of attacks from gaining access to your network and data.

Protect Your Business with Synivate

Our team can provide you with the Greater Boston IT solutions, information, and support that you need to protect your business from all types of cyber attacks. Whether you require complete monitoring management services or comprehensive data back-up and recovery services, we can help you to achieve your goals. You cannot rely entirely on anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect your business. Additional measures are required to prevent attacks by today’s advanced cyber criminals. Call Synivate at 617-517-0704 to get more information about social engineering attacks or to learn more about our solutions for Greater Boston businesses.