Boston Network Security Services: Multi-Factor Authentication

Boston network security servicesThe more you can do as a business owner to ensure that all your devices and services are secured, the easier it will be to maintain effective cybersecurity in Boston and the surrounding area. Whether you are working in the office, on the road, or remotely working from home, remote management and monitoring can help to protect your business. While there is no security plan that is one-hundred percent foolproof, as technology and security methods change quickly, a comprehensive approach to Boston network security services, business continuity, and employee education is a solid line of defense. Another tool that businesses can use to increase security, particularly with mobile devices and employees who are working remotely, is to enact multi-factor authentication to keep data more secure.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

There are many terms that fall under this category that you might have seen or heard in personal applications and web-based services. While multi-factor authentication is the way that it is mostly seen in industry conversation, other terms like two-factor or two-step authentication are interchangeable. What it all means is that more than one step is used to verify access to a device or application. While many websites, devices, programs, and services rely solely on a one-step authentication of username and password, there is a current trend evolving to require an additional step. When businesses rely on multiple factors to log-in to a company website, save or access data in the cloud, or utilize a proprietary application, it helps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

What methods are used for the second level of authentication? One of the most common methods used is to pair something that you know, such as the username and password, with something that you have in your possession. This could be a smartphone, another type of mobile device, or a smart card. Similar to other types of Boston network security services and technologies, multi-factor authentication is still not a one-hundred percent foolproof approach to security, it does offer another level to prevent casual hackers from getting to your data. Employee education is still one of the very best tools, as it works for teaching your team about social engineering, phishing, and other methods used by cybercriminals to gain access to your system and essential company data. There is no type of cybersecurity in Boston that can guarantee complete protection, but the more layers of security that you can add, the better.

Remote Workforce and Mobile Devices

One of the reasons why multi-factor authentication is rising in popularity is due to the noticeable increase in employees who work remotely due to COVID-19. In addition, there are many more business models that are utilizing telecommuting and teleworking for everyday tasks. Employees who travel for business or work remotely for other reasons often rely on their own devices in addition to company-owned mobile devices to log-in and read emails, communicate with coworkers, and perform web-based tasks. To prevent access by unauthorized individuals, particularly through security holes in improperly secured devices and remote internet connections, many businesses are turning to professional consulting solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Remote management and monitoring can also be extremely beneficial in this type of situation. While you might be able to detect if someone has accessed an office computer remotely while you are at the office, when working remotely, it might be more difficult to identify. Hardware is not the only concern; there could also be security issues related to the applications and tools that you use as a company for communicating, collaborating, and turning in other work-related reports, spreadsheets, and communications. At Synivate, we offer 24/7 monitoring and management to ensure consistent operations for computer networks, whether you work in an office or have a team of remote staff. Our services are an excellent solution for companies that do not have the resources or desire to set-up an in-house IT department. We work with each client to create custom solutions based on their needs that will reduce downtime, boost performance, and make sure that their network is working efficiently to maximize results.

Boston Network Security Services

Our team will suggest services and programs that can be implemented to enhance or upgrade your existing Boston network security services and systems. In addition to remote management and monitoring, we can also work with you and your team to provide education, training, and support, which can be used to mitigate many of the issues surrounding cybercrime and cybersecurity in Boston and the surrounding area. Software updates, device security and management, network security, asset tracking, system performance, and other management solutions will be tailored to your needs. To learn more about our services, including remote management and monitoring in the Greater Boston area, give us a call at 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have and provide you with a FREE IT Assessment to help get you started to improve your company’s Boston network security services and management.