greater boston phishing attacksRecent studies reveal that businesses who manually address breaches that are a result of email-based attacks are wasting on average three and a half hours for remediation. What’s worse is that more than ten percent of the companies surveyed spent nearly twice as much time taking care of the same kind of attacks. How prepared is your IT department to recover from Greater Boston phishing attacks? How much time is wasted on taking care of security incidents like these each month? Beyond wasting time, there are other considerations. Changes in attack payloads triggered by these events are designed to infect as many systems as they can in once incident, making it more essential than ever before to remediate the attacks as quickly as possible.

What Can You Do?

The best way to prevent damage from phishing attacks and other similar attacks made by cybercriminals is to use professional remote monitoring services to protect your system. They can stay on top of anti-virus monitoring services and other strategic protections 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to the FBI, phishing attacks that focus on getting users to perform transfer-of-funds requests totaled over $26 billion just between June 2016 and June 2019. Greater Boston managed services can be designed to prevent you from becoming a statistic and protect your essential company data from attack.

Monitoring services play an essential role in protecting businesses from attack. However, a multi-faceted approach is even better. Innovative technology solutions can be used to safeguard your system, prevent many frequent attacks from happening, and provide a means for recovery in the event of a cyber attack. Employee education is also a core factor in thwarting Greater Boston phishing attacks. Studies show that approximately five email-related security incidents occur each day at a typical business organization. That means that with the time required to respond to each incident, this could be taking more than 17 technician hours to recover from the attacks, translating to two full-time IT employees.

Security Awareness Training

One of the most effective ways to prevent an attack is not anti-virus monitoring services. The best method is security awareness training for you and your staff. Synivate offers a wide range of professional remote monitoring, and Greater Boston managed services for our clients, but we are also very proud of the work that we have done concerning education and training for staff. Providing your employees with the education they need to prevent many attacks from happening in the first place is a potent weapon. The more you learn about the methods cyber criminals use for their attacks can help you to spot them before you become a victim.

We provide specialized training in the area of Greater Boston phishing attacks and spear-phishing attacks, both of which are credited with a majority of today’s cyber attacks on business organizations. These criminals rely heavily on user error and lack of knowledge to help them gain access to your company’s sensitive data. Even the most aggressive professional remote monitoring program can’t stop your employee from clicking on a link or providing personal information that can be used to gain access to their account. These attacks are designed to steal money or data for financial gain and have become even more sophisticated in recent years.

The Most Significant Threat

According to industry experts and business owners nationwide, the most significant threat against organizations today is the phishing attack. While many in the know regard training as the best weapon to use against these types of attacks, others claim that even with training, their employees still fall prey to the attacks. Either there is not enough training being provided or employees are ignoring the warnings and should not be trusted with access to sensitive company data. Many businesses are increasing their training budgets and partnering with professional remote monitoring, and Greater Boston managed services to find new ways to safeguard their data.

Synivate works with our clients to develop a custom backup strategy program designed to aid in recovery following a cyber attack. We help you to identify your essential data, select backup techniques that work best with your unique requirements, and offer solutions for secure storage. Backup file testing and redundant storage solutions are also an excellent way to make sure that your business is covered in the event of an attack. We can work with you and your team to make sure that all industry regulations and security demands are met to find the option that works best for your business.

You can get started by downloading our FREE IT Assessment Checklist. It is easy to perform a quick self-evaluation of your network in about ten minutes. We can follow up with you to schedule an appointment to perform a more comprehensive assessment at no cost to you. You can also give us a call at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our technicians about any of the innovative technology solutions that we offer in the Greater Boston area.