industrial internet of things in BostonWhile 2020 has been full of surprises that almost no one could have anticipated, there are some significant trends and changes coming in the New Year that are set to impact many different industries. While things are still uncertain with regard to getting “back to business” like most offices were in 2019, there are many new practices that were implemented this year that have helped technology to reach new and positive heights. The digital transformation for many businesses happened practically overnight in an attempt to pivot and respond successfully to our new normal. This has paved the way for an acceleration of growth for network connectivity in Boston, as well as asset monitoring, location-based services, smart offices, healthcare services, and other advanced uses of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and dependency on 5G and Wi-Fi technologies for business.

Adapting to Changing Demands and Requirements

Internet of Things technology was designed to be used across multiple environments and in locations all around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic helped to put IoT devices and services that offer Greater Boston remote monitoring and support to the test in a whole new way. Increased use of cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other advanced networking options will continue to expand in the New Year, helping to support evolutionary changes in the way they conduct business. Connected healthcare devices, enhanced smart office technology, consumer wearables, and other remote monitoring technologies have become more appreciated by users who might have balked at their perceived intrusiveness just a few years ago.

Figuring out where Industrial Internet of Things technology can play a role in your organization can be a challenge for many business owners – particularly those in the small to medium-sized category. Many companies have successfully used IoT devices alongside professional services for network connectivity in Boston to meet the needs of their customers or remain relevant during COVID restrictions. Employees working from home, delivery services replacing many in-store interactions, and other innovative technology solutions can help to not just keep your business afloat during these uncertain times but to ensure that it thrives. Many companies have been able to make adjustments that have allowed them to reduce their overhead costs and improve profits even in the face of a pandemic.

Industrial Internet of Things in Boston

While it might not seem as though Internet of Things technology or devices will benefit your current business plan, the truth is that these opportunities can be relevant within nearly every industry and market. Insiders predict that almost 50 percent of corporate offices will continue to operate remotely even after the pandemic is behind us, as it has proven to be successful for many organizations. Others may continue using a hybrid approach to remote staff, relying heavily on innovative solutions for network connectivity in Boston through providers like Synivate. Round-the-clock monitoring and management can help safeguard essential data and ensure quick disaster recovery plans are in place through strategic 5G and Wi-Fi technologies.

Traditional business methods will phase out as more and more companies choose to work via connected machines and reliable Boston remote monitoring services. Employee education, ongoing support, and comprehensive network security strategies will become more essential than ever before to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and secure usage across the board. Employee safety for return-to-work situations can even be supported through the Internet of Things technology to reduce traffic in busy office areas, monitor cleaning and sanitizing protocols, and make layout changes to support social distancing between staff and customers. Remote operations solutions will help organizations to transform the way they do business and pave new ways to achieve their goals.

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