Boston E-Commerce Websites: Vulnerable Software Applications

Boston e-commerce websitesWhen it comes to protecting your business and ensuring a secure and efficient computer network, Synivate offers a multi-faceted approach designed to effectively monitor and manage your system on a consistent basis. Studies show that the best solution is to provide consistent monitoring without ceasing, which means 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you might think that security measures like firewalls and anti-virus are the most essential line of defense, the truth is that a more comprehensive approach to IT services is needed. Management needs to include regular updates to all programs to prevent vulnerable software applications and protect from cyber attacks in addition to computer and network security, asset tracking, system performance, mobile devices, and business continuity programs to fully protect Boston e-commerce websites, content management systems, and other organizations and properties.

Microsoft IIS Servers and ASP.NET

One of the latest targets of cyber attacks includes the use of vulnerable software applications. Attackers have been searching for credit card numbers through businesses that use Microsoft IIS servers that run an older version of ASP.NET. While this method of online credit card skimming is a common attack method, this latest campaign fully targets Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) and a vulnerable version of ASP.NET. The credit card numbers are used to complete transactions on Boston e-commerce websites and internet shopping sites all over the globe. They hit environments that use Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySQL most frequently, due to their popularity with website developers.

In addition to e-commerce websites that utilize Microsoft IIS servers with an outdated version of ASP.NET, many of these new attacks include properties that use content management systems, such as Adobe Magneto and popular CMS plugins like WooCommerce, which collect credit card data. This precise targeting is very unusual and does not follow the common protocol of attacking more popular and widespread vulnerable software applications and environments. At least a dozen websites have already been compromised through these attacks, including a credit union, sports organizations, and other associations. Skimming the credit card numbers occurs through the process of injecting malicious code into the existing Javascript libraries, either remotely or directly. In addition to credit card numbers, this code can also lift passwords and other essential data.

What Does This Mean for Boston E-Commerce Websites?

This latest attack shows that attackers do not and will not limit themselves solely to the most widely used and popular platforms. Any vulnerable software applications, environments, and platforms are fair game, especially if the attack is easy to pull off and is not immediately obvious to the website owner. The ASP.NET version involved in this particular case is 4.9.30319, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. This particular version also had multiple vulnerabilities that were resolved with newer updates. The threat of digital skimming continues to grow, and cyber attacks can happen to anyone. It is more important than ever before for organizations to go above and beyond basic compliance to protect their infrastructure.

One way to achieve this goal is through professional monitoring and management by Synivate. Our comprehensive approach to managed services can help businesses of all sizes and types to protect themselves from attack. Establishing a reliable back-up and recovery program will also work to assure business continuity, regardless of the threat, including cyber attacks, human error, or even fires, floods, and storms. Even a short disruption can spell disaster, resulting in lost sales, customers, and opportunities. Protect your organization by partnering with Synivate to establish innovative technology solutions that are custom designed to reduce downtime, improve performance, and make sure that your entire network is working at optimal efficiency to maximize results.

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