greater boston dark web data protectionThe more we learn about the Dark Web and all of the nefarious, malicious activities that go on there, the easier it is for companies to implement Greater Boston data protection and prevent cyber criminals from exploiting your data. Professional remote monitoring, through a reputable and trusted organization like Synivate, offers much more than malware prevention and anti-virus monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area. Our innovative technology solutions, client education programs, and other relevant services are designed to provide you with the training and tools you need to use Boston software solutions to your advantage.

Staying Ahead of the Game

When it comes to dealing with cyber criminals, professional companies do everything they can to stay ahead of the current trend and protect their clients by beating them at their own game. One such trend is the use of fraud guides, which are custom instruction manuals designed to teach other criminals how to exploit certain tactics to scam an organization or individual on the web. Fraud guides are on the rise, but Greater Boston data protection programs are responding quickly, learning all they can about how to protect valuable and vulnerable client data.

So what type of data is the most valuable to cyber criminals? Studies reveal that email addresses are among the most desirable, providing these thieves with a reliable and unique means of taking over someone’s account or by performing phishing tactics. Gaining access to the email account of a high-level executive or someone trusted in a large organization can provide criminals with the opportunity to gain access to usernames, passwords, social media accounts, financial records, and retail shopping services. Other popular types of data that these cyber criminals seek include social security numbers, dates of birth, and passwords.

How is This Data Used?

Included with the fraud guides posted on the Dark Web are tips and tricks to help other would-be criminals to exploit things like passwords and sneak past them to achieve their goals, whatever that may be. Professional remote monitoring is designed to ensure consistent operations for computer networks as part of their daily activities. This is an excellent tool for companies that simply don’t have the budget or manpower to establish a complete IT department in-house. Synivate provides a comprehensive approach to IT solutions, offering strategic Greater Boston data protection along with other services, such as anti-virus monitoring and data backup and recovery services. Software updates, computer and network security, asset tracking, system performance, mobile devices, and other types of monitoring and management solutions can also be included, as needed.

Cyber criminals who get a hold of passwords, email addresses, and other essential data, will often try to use the same password and information to gain access to other types of data. Our Greater Boston software solutions can help spot out this type of behavior and alert you and your team to change or update passwords to keep your essential company data safe. Social security numbers are also a high-risk item for allowing cyber criminals access to important data, including health records, financial institutions, and even government files. Once you have someone’s social security number, it is easy to set up a fake identity as that person or access already created accounts by using the full number or last four as an identifying marker.

Has Your Data Been Breached?

The sad truth is that your essential company data and high-level passwords could have already been breached and you might not even know it. This is why working with reputable network security and anti-virus monitoring in Boston is so important to the ongoing success of your business. Many organizations are now monitoring the Dark Web to locate lost or stolen data as a means of protecting against future cyber attacks or to identify hard-to-detect breaches. The motivation behind these attacks is not always clear, as not all cyber criminals want to cause harm as a means of financial gain. Some do it under the umbrella of hacktivism, vigilantism, vandalism, or to support their political beliefs. As a result, any organization, enterprise, or individual could become a target.

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