Boston Data Breaches and the Dangers of BYOD in the Workplace

Boston data breachesAre you concerned that you might be losing control over cybersecurity at your Boston-based business due to so many employees, contractors, and partners wanting to use their own devices in the workplace. BYOD, which simply means bring your own device, is a popular trend in many different industries around the world. While it has been increasing in the past year or so, remote working and other issues related to Covid-19 workplace adjustments have caused it to grow at an advanced rate. Concerns about Greater Boston data breaches have prompted local business owners to invest in cybersecurity training courses and look into professional managed services to combat the threat. What is your organization doing to address this move toward allowing employees to use their own devices in the workplace?

Why Personal Devices Are Risky

While it might seem obvious to some, other business owners may be wondering why BYOD security in Boston is such a big deal. Regardless of the industry that you serve and the type of business that you do, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority to protect essential data and ensure business continuity. Boston data breaches have become commonplace, which means that network security and professionally managed services for IT purposes need to be increased. Some of the biggest concerns regarding employees using their own devices include data leakage, unsafe content, and the use of insecure application downloads. Unauthorized access to company systems and data, along with malware and other cybercrime-based issues top the list for most IT professionals, cybersecurity workers, and business owners.

With so many organizations moving to a remote work situation in light of Covid-19, the use of personal devices for daily tasks has increased. Without the right security measures, cybersecurity training courses, and support from professionally managed services in place, your business could be extremely vulnerable. Some companies have embraced the idea of BYOD, while others have resisted; however, when the proper steps are taken to safely enable employees to work via personal devices are taken, the risks can drop considerably. One of the biggest hurdles to making BYOD security in Boston work is hesitation on the part of employees to give employers access to their personal devices to ensure a safe and secure working environment. Many IT professionals require root access, passwords to cloud accounts, backup access details, or physical access to employee devices to ensure the security of mobile devices in the workplace.

Communications and Data Sharing

Professionally managed services like Synivate can work directly with you and your team to create a “best of both worlds” solution that allows for BYOD opportunities while maintaining effective cybersecurity. A combination of professionally managed services, cybersecurity training courses, and ongoing support for you and your team can help you to protect yourself from Greater Boston data breaches and cyberattacks. Many of the tools that we can provide include solutions designed to allow you and your team to communicate more effectively from remote locations. The ability to share documents, files, and messages is essential to ensure that everyone is communicating effectively, but can come with significant risk. Email-based cyber attacks and other social engineering attacks are commonplace in today’s tech-dependent industries. Still, we find that employee education is an excellent first line of defense that can be used to protect your business.

Business continuity services, including a comprehensive back-up and recovery program, should also be used to protect your business from Boston data breaches and attacks. Synivate delivers powerful, workable solutions for your technology and communications gaps, creating a custom service that will help you to manage better your network and provider better communications for your entire team. Cloud computing, cybersecurity training courses for staff, a wide assortment of professionally managed services, hosted applications, consulting, 24/7 monitoring services, help desk support, and more can be used to help prevent Boston data breaches and get your organization ready for whatever comes next. Cyber attacks are on the rise and can negatively impact your business. You can prevent attacks through education, monitoring, and effective management while preparing for recovery in the event that an attack occurs.

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