Boston Business Continuity: Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Boston Business Continuity SolutionsRegardless of the industry that your business falls under, it is essential in today’s technology-driven world to have a well thought out disaster recovery plan. The best way to achieve this is by working with an experienced and reputable consultant who can provide you with custom solutions based on your unique needs and requirements. It might surprise you to discover that some of the biggest corporations do not have an adequate plan for business continuity. Studies show that companies that do not recover within six months after a disaster of any kind are extremely likely to fail and go out of business for good. Eliminate this very serious risk through services that can provide you with a disaster recovery plan and remote monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area.

Types of Disasters That Can Affect Your Business

There are many different situations that can negatively impact your business without a comprehensive Greater Boston business continuity plan of action. Weather-related outages, such as winter storms, wind, lightning strikes, floods, hurricanes, and other conditions have been responsible for the demise of many companies over the years. Without a disaster recovery plan, many businesses are simply unable to get back on track after such a loss. Other disasters can include fires, power grid issues, human error, and cyber attacks, which are becoming more and more common. Implementation of a continuity plan can help you get your business operating again within hours or days instead of weeks or months, which can make all the difference when it comes to your future success.

Some of the other scenarios that can become problematic for businesses include:

  • file corruption for essential accounting or customer data files
  • stolen company devices, including mobile phones and laptops
  • damage caused by disgruntled employees and other insider attacks
  • issues surrounding business critical passwords and network security
  • human error caused by clicking on encrypted links or visiting nefarious websites

Establishing a Custom Disaster Recovery Plan

Synivate provides our clients with the services they need to protect their business. From remote monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area to complete disaster recovery plan solutions, we can create a custom strategy designed specifically to meet your needs. It is vital for today’s businesses to work with a professional IT company that can offer services for comprehensive data backup and recovery. Your Greater Boston business continuity efforts should focus not just on security and storage of essential data, but also education and training for staff. Our team will start by working with you and your team to identify the most essential data that needs to be backed up on a daily basis for proper protection. Non-essential data can be backed up weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.

Once we identify your unique requirements for data backup and storage, we can work with you to select the backup technique that is right for you. Protection of customer data, financial records, business critical passwords, and other essential information should be your top priority. Our clients can choose from incremental, differential, continuous, and system image backups, combining multiple methods as well for more layers of protection. Secure storage must also be defined to retain essential data. We highly recommend that you choose a minimum of two storage options, including an on-site backup and an off-site backup to provide extra security for your company data. Depending on the industry that you work in, however, there may be additional requirements or regulations regarding the storage of data.

Ongoing Testing and Consultation

We will continue to work with you and your staff to evaluate the Greater Boston business continuity plan that we put into action. This will help us determine if changes need to be made or upgrades are in order as your business grows and expands. Backup file testing is also important to ensure the value and validity of your files. This will help you to make sure that the quality of the files stored via remote monitoring in Boston as part of your disaster recovery plan will help you achieve a full restoration following a disaster or other loss of data. Your technician will help you with validation options for business critical passwords, customer records, financial information, and other essential data. This will help us spot any vulnerabilities within the system, storage options, or as a result of human error.

To get started developing a disaster recovery plan for your Greater Boston business, give Synivate a call at 617-517-0704. We can answer any questions that you might have or provide you with a free IT evaluation to help get things started. Whether you require remote monitoring in Boston or simply want to learn more about network security and business continuity solutions, Synivate can help you achieve your goals.