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IT security concerns in Boston

IT Security Concerns in Boston: New File Sharing Site Attacks

Jun 3, 2020

The latest wave of phishing attacks to hit the internet include file sharing site attacks on some of the biggest brands in the business. When it comes to IT security concerns in Boston, it pays to have a powerful ally that can provide you with innovative technology solutions designed to protect your business from cyber-related…

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improve IT security performance in boston

Use Boston Managed Services to Improve IT Security Performance

May 27, 2020

Regardless of how your company does business, one of the most essential tasks required by an Information Technology (IT) department is security. An effective security operations center and reliable online cybersecurity training will help your business to deal with security on a day-to-day basis as it grows and expands. To ensure that your company is…

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boston remote work strategies

Greater Boston IT Solutions: Best Strategies for Remote Work

May 20, 2020

While some businesses are enjoying great success with remote work for employees during the COVID-19 crisis, others are not doing as well. Concerns about security, productivity, and communications are just the beginning – there are many things that have the potential to go wrong when employees suddenly begin working from home. One way to get…

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distributed cloud computing boston

Is Distributed Cloud Computing Right for Your Boston Business?

May 13, 2020

Businesses who embraced the idea of using cloud managed networks to support the work that they do are now able to seamlessly allow employees to work via remote access during this unprecedented time. Hybrid cloud deployments can be used to connect your team through the use of private and public clouds for a secure and…

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coronavirus cyber security challenges

Increase in Coronavirus Cyber Security Challenges in Boston

May 6, 2020

As more and more industries scramble to change the way they do business under pandemic regulations, Coronavirus cyber security challenges increase and cause new threats. Industry experts reveal that scammers are not only using the public’s concerns about COVID-19 to cause financial harm through phishing and other malicious attacks, but they are also taking advantage…

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communications solutions for remote work in boston

Communications Solutions for Business: Zoom and Remote Work

Apr 13, 2020

As shelter-in-place requirements hit the nation, more and more businesses provided the means for their staff to work from home. The well-known video conferencing APP Zoom saw a sudden burst in users due to remote work requirements and a need to communicate and collaborate with employees. Unfortunately, the influx of new users combined with inherent…

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Solutions to Support Remote Work & Improve Employee Security

Apr 13, 2020

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. For many businesses, employees and simple “human error” pose the most significant risk, especially when it comes to network security. However, support from reputable Greater Boston IT solutions providers, such as Synivate, can help to make remote work situations a lot more secure. Whether your company already…

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Boston Network Security: How to Identify a Ransomware Attack

Apr 13, 2020

Do you know what ransomware is or how to identify and survive a ransom attack? One of the most significant areas of business network security in the Greater Boston area is education, training, and support. The technology used for security and remote IT services is essential, but providing education to employees and ransomware awareness programs…

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cybercrime coronavirus outbreak exploits

Coronavirus Outbreak Exploits & Greater Boston Cybersecurity

Apr 13, 2020

The people behind phishing, malware, ransomware, and other attacks are known to prey upon the weak and vulnerable to achieve their ultimate goals. However, in recent weeks these individuals have taken their lack of morals and standards to a whole new low. Coronavirus outbreak exploits are popping up all over the internet, taking advantage of…

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