best password managers bostonHow do you keep track of passwords in the workplace? Do you keep a sticky note on your monitor to help you remember how to access company data? Do you use a notepad app on your computer that keeps track of access to email, company files, and sharing programs? How often do you change your passwords and how easy would it be to figure out that password that you use for every single application, website, and file? Greater Boston security solutions should include more than a basic network security protocol and disaster recovery service. Many of the attacks on businesses today focus on passwords. A password manager tool can be instrumental in helping your company to be more protected. Some of the best password managers can be easily implemented by your IT department or managed service provider.

Complicated Passwords are Essential

Hopefully, you aren’t using simple passwords for your business computer and network. Any respectable business should not be using passwords that consist of abc123, the names of your pets or kids, and the ever-popular “password” for those who have a tough time remembering anything else. Password breaches happen every day. You need to have complicated passwords that include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols, but you also need to change them regularly. It can be hard to keep up with regular password changes, so a password manager tool is a must-have for today’s Boston security solutions.

Where do you find the best password managers to suit your needs? You can start by working with a professional managed service provider, such as Synivate. Our team works with you to create a custom solution for all of your security, network, communications, and disaster recovery service needs. We can help you get a password manager tool that will provide you with secure results, helping your employees to prevent hacks through education and support, and offer solutions that will help you get back on track should some type of attack get through your defenses. Monitoring, prevention, education, and preparation should be your focus when it comes to securing your important company data.

What Does a Password Manager Do?

A password manager tool is beneficial in many ways. It can be used to keep all of your passwords under a single password-protected and encrypted umbrella. The best password managers can also help to generate strong passwords and automatically insert them when you log into different websites, files, and applications. Depending on the work that you do, a good password manager tool can even store payment information for ordering stock, supplies, and essential products. In addition to education and support for employees, using a password manager can help to increase the security for your entire network and provide you with more control over access than you experienced with other solutions.

The best password managers all work on the principle that you create a “master” password to provide you with access to the password manager tool. The program then fills in all of the individual user IDs and passwords that you want to be used for websites, apps, and company data access. One of the most significant benefits of this method is that you will no longer have to recall all of those passwords yourself and you can give each website, email account, app, or service a complex and hard-to-remember password. Synivate can help you establish these Greater Boston security solutions, ensuring that the tools you use have multifactor authentication and encryption to protect your master password locally to increase your defenses and prevent common hacking attacks.

Choose the Best Password Managers

Synivate will work with you to identify your needs with relation to your business, the industry that you serve, the number of employees that require access, and the various levels of access that you want to grant to your company data. Platform and browser support, as well as pricing, can all be considered to provide you with the best possible match. Ensuring that you choose a password manager tool that is designed for business instead of a personal or individual option is also essential. You do not want to take a chance when it comes to security for your business. Make sure to ask our team about disaster recovery service options, business continuity plans, and other solutions that can help you maximize your ability to recover in the event of a serious attack.

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