Advantages of DRaaS vs Traditional Backup for Boston Businesses

Looking for an affordable solution that will provide your Boston area business with disaster recovery services to protect your essential data and IT system? Fires, floods, hurricanes, snow storms, and other natural disasters, can wreck havoc on technology-based businesses that rely on computer systems and networks for their daily operations. Other situations, such as cyber attacks, simple user error, and power outages, can cause even more damage, leaving unprotected businesses without a way to recover. Today’s businesses need more than simple data backup solutions to protect essential files and systems. Consider getting a DRaaS solution in Boston that provides professional cloud-based disaster recovery that you can count on when you need it most.

What is DRaaS?
While you might not know the acronym, you have most likely heard of DRaaS. It stands for Disaster Recovery as a Service and it by definition is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third-party service provider to provide a client with data backup solutions in the event of a disaster. Physical server DRaaS solutions in Boston can be provided through professional companies like Synivate, which offers a whole host of business continuity solutions, network strategy, and disaster recovery service opportunities via remote or onsite management.

Synivate also offers cloud-based disaster recovery through Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure, which provides data backup solutions at secure colocation facilities for high-level data protection and redundancy. It is important to find a provider that will provide you with innovative technology solutions for either physical or virtual disaster recovery services, according to your specific needs and requirements. Some industries have tight government regulations regarding security, requiring them to have a higher level of safeguards in place. Synivate can create a custom DRaaS solution in Boston that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Why DRaaS is Best
When you compare traditional data backup solutions with Disaster Recovery as a Service, there are many advantages to choosing DRaaS solutions for your business. For example, DRaaS is a very cost-effective, yet powerful solution, that can be a huge benefit to small or midsized businesses. Smaller companies do not typically have the resources or experience required to create an effective disaster recovery plan. When you work with a reputable provider for a custom DRaaS solution in Boston, you gain the ability to have a professional disaster recovery service environment without having to invest thousands of dollars into equipment or hire IT staff to implement, manage, monitor, and test it.

There are even more advantages to choosing a cloud-based disaster recovery option, such as the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure, which is very affordable and highly efficient, providing image-based replication and recovery for all applications through trusted DRaaS providers all around the world. The best way to create a custom disaster recovery service solution is to include DRaaS as part of your overall approach to data backup solutions, which can result in a multilayered approach that will provide more consistent and reliable results. Synivate can provide this type of comprehensive strategy by combining cloud-based disaster recovery options with an overall disaster recovery service solution.

The Veeam Advantage
While there are lots of options available for DRaaS solutions in Boston, there are clear advantages when it comes to working with Synivate and the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure solution. This service will not only manage all of your data replication for disaster recovery, but it will also work to manage all of the networking connections. Networking is one of the biggest challenges for many data backup solutions, but Veeam’s cloud-based disaster recovery solutions work to eliminate the issues associated with networking by preserving the communication between virtual machine (VM) replications, regardless of the physical location.

When you hire Synivate to be your provider for disaster recovery service solutions, you don’t have to worry about licensing or learning any third-party software to manage your DRaaS solution in Boston. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will take care of it all for you, providing a very affordable and powerful cloud-based disaster recovery solution that will help get your business back up-and-running, no matter what type of disaster comes your way. You won’t need to worry about a thing. Our technicians will take care of the implementation, system monitoring, ongoing management, and recovery, should you ever need to take advantage of the data backup solutions.

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