serverless computing in BostonThere are many benefits to switching to a software-defined data center for serverless computing in Boston. Small to mid-size businesses, as well as large organizations, can all take advantage of cloud computing services to do much more than house collaborative data and shared applications. Working with a technology consulting company and a team of high-trained support technicians can help you to achieve your goals without sacrificing quality. Synivate has proudly served the Greater Boston area with a wide range of innovative technology solutions for many years, working with our clients to create custom services based on their unique needs and requirements. Learn how you can take advantage of functions as a service (FaaS) for your business to help save costs, maintenance, and time compared to a more traditional approach to technology.

Functions as a Service (Faas)

It is essential to understand that serverless computing in Boston does not mean that you will not still need to have a server; it just means that you won’t be using it all the time. Reducing the amount of time that you use a server for day-to-day activities can save time, money, and maintenance time. The term serverless computing refers to the type of computing where the cloud provider fully manages all of the allocated resources used by your organization. The methods behind functions as a service or FaaS allows the developers to write codes and create functions to generate specific responses without requiring a traditional infrastructure.

The advantages of functions as a service is that it helps businesses to better manage their services, benefit from horizontal scaling and manage it within the platform, reduce costs, and provide the means to deploy and manage applications much faster. Cloud computing services provide businesses of all sizes with the means to put software, hardware, and a variety of IT operations into the cloud to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve management abilities across the board. However, there is still much more that can be done with a software-defined data center approach that can be used to benefit certain clients. Virtualization, including VMware solutions, offers high availability, faster speeds, and top-of-the-line performance for a better private cloud experience.

IT Operations in the Cloud

Small to medium-sized businesses, growing and expanding organizations, and even large corporations can all take advantage of putting IT operations into the cloud. While there are still some things that should never go into the cloud, there is an exceptionally long list of things that can be improved upon when used with cloud computing services. The most popular way to use a cloud is to offer cloud-based software applications. They can be used to enhance productivity, improve customer relationship management software, share applications between coworkers at multiple locations, and expand opportunities for communications and collaboration between employees and customers. Hardware can also be put into the cloud to allow businesses the ability to quickly adapt to growing and changing needs without having to invest a lot into overhead costs. Serverless computing in Boston might mean storing and sharing files in the cloud instead of purchasing an in-house file server to save both time and money.

Other advantages of a software-defined data center includes putting crucial IT operations in the cloud. This helps busy organizations to ensure that essential data is effectively backed up and protected. One way to accomplish this without having to hire a whole team of in-house IT staff is to work with Synivate to create a custom solution for cloud computing services based on your unique needs and financial requirements. We can perform daily or real-time data backups, store copies via cloud storage, and in our secure facility, as well as assist you as your business grows in the future, offering technology solutions to help you go further than you ever imagined. Functions as a Service (FaaS) and other methods for serverless computing in Boston can be used to help you achieve the most effective results while taking advantage of our knowledge and experience through innovative technology solutions at Synivate.

Serverless Computing in Boston

Once you decide what you want to put into your cloud computing services, you then need to decide which type of cloud computing is right for your business. Solutions can include a combination of public, private, and hybrid methods designed to help you meet all your needs and requirements. Function, flexibility, security, and budget are all taken into consideration when we consult with you and your team. Our goal is to obtain as much information as we can about you and your needs to make the most informed decision about cloud computing that will provide you with the most significant return on investment. Cloud computing security is an essential part of any project that we work on, including serverless computing in Boston and the surrounding area.

Whether your goal is to create a software-defined data center or simply take advantage of cloud computing services to streamline your operation, our team can offer solutions that will help you meet or exceed expectations. Additional security can also be provided for certain areas of your software-defined data center, such as financial, client, and human resources records, to ensure that you remain compliant with any industry or government regulations. Contact Synivate today by calling 617-848-1248 to get a complimentary development consultation that will help you to get the most out of your cloud computing experience. No pressure. No obligation. We are here to offer honest and friendly advice to help you take your business to the next level.