New Dell Generation 14 Servers Ideal for Boston Cloud Services

The brand new 14th generation PowerEdge Servers from Dell have the ability to transform cloud computing services with data center virtualization for a variety of businesses and industries. Boston managed services can benefit from the enhanced features of these new servers to perform a range of applications and provide powerful protection against malicious threats. Easy-to-use and cutting-edge, these new Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are the ideal foundation for cloud-based and software defined storage data centers. If you are in the market for a truly scalable and secure platform for a Greater Boston virtual server, look no further than the innovative solutions from Synivate, Inc. and Dell.

What’s New?

Innovation is crucial in the world of cloud computing services, as companies work to meet the increasing demands of business. As a result, Dell focused on expanding IT opportunities in three primary areas to help the technology adapt and grow as needed for a better experience. Architecture, automation, and security are the most essential aspects of any data center virtualization user experience. In addition, other improvements were made to provide customers with the very best opportunities to meet the demands of a growing workload and need to offer even more intuitive Boston managed services.

  • Scalable Architecture – Works to optimize data centers to meet growing workload demands. It helps businesses to meet dynamic needs when they occur, making them more responsive and adaptive to stay ahead of the competition. The Dell PowerEdge increases performance and response time of applications with 19 times more Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) than the previous generation. It allows for fast deployment of processor-intensive workloads with one-click BIOS tuning, giving businesses access to the right data at the right time with enhanced storage capacity, which is essential for any software defined storage environment.
  • Intelligent Automation – The all-new OpenManageâ„¢ Enterprise console and expanded APIs reduce the load on IT departments. This helps to automate productivity and provide for a simpler lifecycle management throughout the life of the server for full data center virtualization monitoring, featuring app plug-ins, a simplified interface, and custom reporting options. Enhanced iDRAC 9 provides up to four times better performance for systems management in a Greater Boston virtual server or traditional environment. Improvements to power efficiency and compute density are possible through the use of an automated multi-vector cooling feature, which enables more GPU accelerators in a single configuration.
  • Integrated Security – Designed to protect business data for the life of the server. New hardware and system-level security features have been added to the 14th generation server to help protect the infrastructure. Quick detection and deep layers of defense are used to help recover to a trusted base if a breach occurs. Security is designed to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes with System Lockdown, an industry-first feature. Secure data center virtualization is available through a cyber-resilient architecture with SecureBoot, BIOS Recovery, and iDRAC RESTful API features to enhance protection. System Erase can be used to quickly and securely erase data from specific drives or can be used to wipe all non-volatile media during server retirement.

Why Upgrade?

If your company is running on outdated data center technologies, you are putting your business at-risk and are limiting your abilities to meet the growing needs of today’s digital business demands. Studies show that only a small percentage of today’s businesses are truly prepared to meet the IT requirements needed to take advantage of data center virtualization and powerful cloud computing services. The PowerEdge 14th generation servers are designed to be embedded in Dell EMC solutions to provide customers with all of the technology and opportunities they need to take advantage of all the benefits associated with Boston managed services.

Who Do You Trust?

When it comes to consultations for Greater Boston virtual server upgrades and IT improvements, you can trust Synivate, Inc. for all of your data center virtualization needs. Our team can offer consultations to assist with designing custom IT security strategies to help with threats, either internal or external. We can also help to establish plans to assist with business continuity and develop data backup strategies and IT disaster recovery plans. We help clients in the Greater Boston area with implementing, monitoring, and managing solutions for cloud computing services and can assist in establishing a unified communications solution that is designed to integrate all of your various communication and collaboration systems. Contact our team by calling 617-517-0704 and schedule a meeting to learn more about how our Synivate innovative technology solutions can benefit your organization.

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