Lyne Laboratories - Managed IT

About Lyne Laboratories

Lyne Laboratories, with more than 35 years of experience, is a privately held, well established company with a successful history of manufacturing liquid, semi-solid and powder formulations of both prescription and OTC products. In their cGMP and FDA certified 100,000 square foot facilities, their highly skilled staff supports all aspects of drug development and manufacturing services ranging from product formulations, materials procurement, production and packaging to logistics and distribution.

Technology Needs

During initial consultations with the directors at Lyne Laboratories, we discussed the need for high-powered and resilient computing that would allow Lyne Laboratories to scale their infrastructure and production with ease. Lyne needed an upgraded solution to a physical computing workload that required lots of time to manage and maintain.


Lyne Laboratories needed a solution that would provide a very high level of uptime and provide the technology manager with insight into daily computing metrics and disaster recovery information. In the drug research industry the typical workload on a production server can last days of sequential reading and writing of data. Our challenge was to ensure the solution would remain highly available during these long workload periods.

Our Solution

We designed a virtual computing solution with VMware virtualization technology. We also provided managed services and network monitoring services to ensure proper maintenance and availability. VMware is the industry leader in high powered computing through hardware virtualization technologies. VMware ESXi/vSphere provides the ability to design a high powered computing solution in a dense environment with fewer physical servers than a traditional (legacy) computing environment.

For example, if you need to run servers for a production environment you have the option of deploying physical rack servers with one dedicated for each individual computing workload. With VMware ESXi/vSphere you have the ability to run those servers in a virtualized environment utilizing fewer physical servers with multiple virtual machines running in each physical server. The key advantage to this scenario is the ability to run a highly available configuration. For example, in a legacy environment if one of the servers fails you would need to restore the most recent backup to a spare server. This requires down-time and a human resource to perform the task. With virtualization technology the process is automated through vSphere High Availability. VMware automatically migrates the virtual server to an available host if the current host fails, avoiding the disaster event entirely.

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