Lyne Laboratories – Managed Services

Manufacturing Case Study - Lyne Laboratories

Lyne Laboratories, with more than 35 years of experience, is a privately held, well established company with a successful history of manufacturing liquid, semi-solid and powder formulations of both prescription and OTC products. In their cGMP and FDA certified 100,000 plus square foot facilities, their highly skilled staff supports all aspects of drug development and manufacturing services ranging from product formulations, materials procurement, production and packaging to logistics and distribution.


Seven years ago, Synivate embarked on a thorough assessment of Lyne Laboratories' existing IT infrastructure. Synivate leveraged their deep expertise in IT support and management to design a custom solution tailored to meet Lyne Laboratories' unique needs.

After implementing the recommended solutions, Synivate implemented a proactive, 24/7 IT support system that helped to minimize system downtimes, thus enabling Lyne Laboratories to focus on their core competencies. The new system also ensured prompt response and resolution of IT issues, reducing the operational disruptions caused by IT-related problems.

A standardized, centralized IT system was put in place, resulting in increased efficiency and coordination across different departments. Synivate also implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, helping to safeguard sensitive data.


By entrusting their IT systems and day-to-day support to Synivate, Lyne Laboratories has been able to focus on the business and not technology distractions.

  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The proactive IT support system put in place by Synivate helped to reduce system downtime, ensuring that production schedules were uninterrupted and maintained. This led to an overall increase in operational efficiency.
  2. Better Data Security: The implemented cybersecurity measures mitigated the risk of data breaches, better ensuring the security of sensitive information.
  3. Increased Focus on Core Competencies: With Synivate managing their IT infrastructure, Lyne Laboratories was able to devote their resources and attention to their primary mission: developing and manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical products.


The partnership with Synivate provided Lyne Laboratories with a resilient, agile, and efficient IT system that was critical in overcoming their IT challenges. The case of Lyne Laboratories and Synivate exemplifies how a tailored IT solution can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, and empower companies to focus on their core competencies.