Increased Cloud Investments Continue Despite Downturn Economy

cloud investments in 2023While it makes sense that investments in new technologies might see a lull or decrease as the global economy is in a downward spiral, the latest news shows that companies are continuing to invest in cloud computing and storage in 2023. Other areas of tech might be taking a hit, particularly with mass tech layoffs, but global cloud spending, including public cloud storage, continues to rise. Many business owners are rethinking their budgets and reorganizing their operations, making cuts to technology imminent. However, the advantages that come from making cloud investments in 2023 definitely outweigh the risks, as nearly 85 percent of businesses surveyed claim to increase their cloud investments in the coming months.

Other Related Investments for Business in 2023

In addition to public cloud storage and other types of global cloud investments, industry insiders, experts, and business owners themselves are stepping up to invest in things like infrastructure migration, digital transformation, and business continuity programs. Not sure how to get started or if these programs are right for you and your business? Synivate can help with our team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced technicians and IT consultants. Our mission is to provide each client with the tools, services, and support they need to successfully achieve their goals. We deliver innovative technology solutions based on your unique needs and industry requirements, whether that means meeting government regulations for a particular type of business or just ensuring you stay within your budget, we develop every custom service with you in mind.

Whether you are interested in investing in private, hybrid or public cloud storage, need assistance in setting up a business continuity plan for disaster recovery, or require a unified communications solution, Synivate can help. We can assist you in finding new ways to boost productivity, reduce overhead, and implement the level of security that you require to protect your sensitive and essential data. Our team can also provide Help Desk Support for you and your staff to eliminate employee frustration and productivity issues. You can rely on our IT experts to help you solve your problems quickly and effectively to get everyone back to work. Our education and training programs, along with ongoing support, can help you and your team to become more security savvy and prevent many different types of attacks before they ever even happen.

Are Cloud Investments Right for You?

Every business is different, as are their needs, requirements, and future goals. While global cloud investments is at an all time high and migration is now well established within the business sector, there are still certain business models that might not be well suited for cloud investments in 2023. Our team will work with you directly to determine the best technologies, programs, and systems for you to consider that will take your organization into the future and allow you to be more competitive within your target market. In the last twelve months, it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of organizations made the move from on-site storage to public cloud storage, not just here in the United States but on a global level.

Cloud computing could very well be the tool that you need to take your business to the next phase and allow you to have access to the programs, apps, and services required to achieve your goals. Mass tech layoffs and a genuine shortage of experienced IT technicians, can make it difficult to do all of this on your own. Synivate takes pride in our ability to offer our clients valuable services and support that they can use to reduce their overhead, increase productivity, and protect their essential data from attack. There are many benefits associated with cloud computing and storage, but it is important to ensure that it is right for you before you invest your valuable time or money. Contact our team directly by calling 617-848-1248 to schedule a FREE consultation or to take our IT Assessment Test. We can help you to better understand your current technology needs and assist you in taking the strategic steps necessary to catapult your business successfully into the future.