remote workforce coronavirusWhile it might seem that those who work in the tech industry are already set up to respond well to concerns about the coronavirus, not all businesses are prepared. However, those who have worked to develop a strategy to offer anywhere access for Boston businesses are ahead of the game. Cloud computing for remote workforce in situations like this where unforeseen concerns can threaten the ability of a company to do business can be the best solution. Cloud phone systems allow for businesses to continue performing and providing quality services, while protecting their employees and ensuring their safety. At Synivate, our Boston cloud computing solutions can be used to deliver comprehensive cloud applications for anywhere access to keep your business up-and-running during any situation.

What is the Coronavirus?

Unless you avoid all contact with television, internet, and radio media, the chances are good that you have heard of the coronavirus. COVID-19 is an infectious disease that has raised concerns worldwide after spreading from Wuhan, China to more than 80 countries around the globe. Since it was discovered, many schools and businesses have shut down, employees have had to figure out how to work remotely from home, and supply chains have been disrupted. Perhaps the most stunning bit of news was the cancellation of the annual SXSW conference, Google I/O 2020, and other tech-based gatherings due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 or the 2019 Coronavirus Outbreak.

Several major tech industry businesses have taken other steps to play their part in controlling the spread of the disease. Google, Apple, Amazon, and CNN, just to name a few, have restricted employee travel outside of “business-critical” trips due to COVID-19 risks. Other businesses are taking additional precautions, such as halting interviews and hiring, increasing cybersecurity to provide for more secure cloud computing for remote workforce needs, and working with consultants and tech services to implement solutions to prevent lasting damage to their company. Regardless of the industry that you serve, it is likely that concerns about the coronavirus have already played some role in the way that you do business. How will you respond?

Are You Prepared for a Remote Workforce?

In spite of how it may seem, it is never too late to prepare to provide anywhere access for Boston businesses to have employees work from home. Whether a temporary solution in the face of a crisis or as a way to reduce overhead and expand your team, many industries are embracing the idea of using cloud computing for remote workforce solutions. Synivate provides a wide range of professional services, including cloud phone systems and other Greater Boston cloud computing solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. With more companies encouraging employees to work from home, the need for a robust security system, effective cloud applications, and managed network monitoring systems has never been greater.

Make sure to include employee education in with your strategy to set up a remote work station for your staff in response to this or potential future threats. Maintaining safe cybersecurity practices is extremely important, especially when your employees will be out of the office and working remotely. Anywhere access education should include your IT department, network security provider, human resources, and any other related business operations to create a cohesive approach to security training and awareness. You want to make sure that you address all potential issues, including modern routers and firewalls, strong passwords, and security systems for preventing computer viruses and malware.

Advantages of Remote Cloud Computing

When it comes to providing anywhere access for Boston businesses to your team, there are many inherent advantages to cloud computing for remote workforce purposes. Many Boston cloud computing solutions are very cost-effective and can even help you to boost your technology resources. Setting up a cloud computing strategy can prepare your business for expansions in the future, allowing you to increase capabilities without having to make too many adjustments in the office. When developed effectively, cloud computing can even replace some areas of the IT environment, reducing the need for management services or freeing up your staff to work on other tech-based projects.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can put cloud computing to work for you and your business, contact Synivate at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our technicians about your goals. We can create custom Boston cloud computing solutions based on your unique needs and requirements to protect and prepare your company for the future. Call today and you will receive a complimentary development consultation that will help you to maximize your cloud computing experience.