One survey recently revealed that more than 50 percent of business respondents stated that their office was either “moderately” or “completely” outdated concerning business technology. Anti-virus monitoring in Boston can only do so much if the technology and software used to run the business are outdated. Greater Boston managed service providers must take an active approach toward education and regular updates to successfully provide comprehensive services to their clients aimed at preventing cyber-attacks and preparing for data loss.

Why Outdated Business Tech Matters

Today’s businesses place a significant volume of their business on computers – even if most of their sales happen in-person at a brick-and-mortar store. Unfortunately, they cost themselves a lot of time and money due to slowdowns caused by outdated technology. In addition, neglecting to update hardware and software can also make them a prime target for hackers who would love nothing more than to collect customer data or essential company data and use it against them.

The same survey mentioned above also revealed that employees lose approximately one hour each day due to slow-moving or outdated technology in the workplace, resulting in roughly $4,000 of financial loss each year. Computers and other peripheral hardware, along with software issues, rank as the top reported problems in the workplace. We have all seen the “spinning rainbow ball of death” on iOS networks and the “loading hourglass” on PC networks more times than we can count. Studies show that we stare at blank or loading screens more times each day than we realize.

Why Updates Aren’t Happening

There are a couple of reasons why businesses are not updating their technology to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area. The first is that they may not realize that they have outdated business tech or that they think it would cost too much time or be too much of a hassle to do anything about it. The second is purely financial. They know what’s wrong and how much it would cost to update neglected networks, so they just ignore it and hope for the best. Even when employees try to report issues to their supervisors, they are often ignored or reprimanded for bringing it to their attention.

The best way to reduce risk and improve productivity is to take a preventive approach. Boston managed service providers like Synivate focus on maintaining regular updates of software, operating systems, and peripherals to reduce the chance of vulnerabilities across the board. Even if your company does not have a large budget for IT solutions, Synivate can help you with a variety of cost-effective services aimed at providing you with greater control, including employee education and basic anti-virus monitoring in Boston and the surrounding area. Our many years of experience working with local clients to create custom innovative technology solutions has helped us to offer a wide range of services to our customers.

What to Expect at Synivate

We offer our clients professional consultation that can help them to identify the areas where they need the most support. We develop, monitor, and manage IT environments in a way that is essential to the strategic success of your business. We treat each client as an individual and understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Each business and industry has different needs, budgetary requirements, and government regulations that they must adhere to in their day-to-day operations. We will learn everything we can about your business to best serve your IT requirements, gaining an understanding of the work habits and responsibilities of your employees, as well as the expectations of your customers.

Back-up and disaster recovery solutions, improved security for essential data, expansion of communications through advanced technology, and better management to secure outdated business tech are just some of the things that we do as Greater Boston managed service providers. Our goal is to help you improve productivity, reduce risk, and protect your business in the event of an attack. We can help you with everything from establishing security compliance to meet government regulations to ensure that you are prepared with the right tools to improve productivity in Boston with employees and systems that are more efficient. We can work with you to establish a plan for business continuity and offer strategies, solutions, and anti-virus monitoring in Boston, depending on your needs.

Contact Synivate today to learn more about our innovative technology solutions and methods for updating your outdated business tech. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our professional consultants or IT specialists about your concerns.