Advantages of Office 365 Over Local Server Hosting in Boston

Many businesses of different sizes, ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to large corporations, often wrestle with the idea of how to best host company email. While some prefer to keep it all in-house with local server IT solutions for business, others are exploring their options with cloud-based hosted services, such as Office 365. Truth be told, compared to local Boston email hosting, Microsoft’s cloud email system has many advantages that make it the perfect choice for many of today’s forward-thinking businesses.

When you hire a company, such as Synivate, to provide remote monitoring in Boston or to set up a comprehensive data back-up strategy as part of a larger disaster recovery plan, it pays to consult with them about day-to-day issues, such as the setup and operation of your company’s hosted email system. Our technicians can provide you with all of the tools and support you require to effectively streamline and manage your company’s data, including Boston email hosting solutions, to give you an edge over the competition.

What is Office 365?
When comparing various IT solutions for business, Office 365 often comes up as a strategic solution for many of today’s industries. Office 365 refers to a subscription-based plan that includes access to Microsoft Office applications, as well as other productivity services, which are enabled via cloud services. In short, Office 365 is a cloud hosted email system, which varies considerably from a more traditional local Boston email hosting solution or another onsite email system.

Office 365 runs on a cloud server, providing users with the latest updates and tools available to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of hosted email services. Other types of email services are run on servers that are either located in-house or via another local hosting service. There are clear benefits associated with using Office 365, which we will outline in the remainder of this informative article. It pays to take the time to evaluate the benefits of Microsoft hosted company email versus local server options.

Remote Services
One of the biggest benefits to choosing Office 365 over other local hosted methods is the very way that the services are hosted. Cloud hosting provides remote monitoring in Boston for these services, ensuring that all of the email software and data is stored and managed by Microsoft. This option provides built-in assurances similar to other types of data back-up strategy methods, offering disaster recovery and other IT solutions for business that you just can’t get from a traditional locally hosted email option.

Protection from service outages and other common issues can provide you and your business with a safety net during just about any type of storm. No matter what happens to your servers, workstations or staff, email can be retrieved immediately when your business is finally able to reconnect. Data security and a built-in data back-up strategy are important for businesses of any size. When you work with services that provide remote monitoring in Boston, such as Synivate Innovative Technology Solutions, make sure to express your needs for increased data security and other IT solutions for business that will support your specific requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Not only is Office 365 a powerful method for providing quality cloud hosted email for your business, but it is also a very cost-effective solution. Compared to the other top cloud hosted email systems, Office 365 provides you with more benefits for your investment. Choose from email-only services, which includes 50GB of storage per user, or select a premium option, which also includes full Microsoft Office, 1TB of file storage and sharing per user, as well as unlimited online collaboration and communications meetings via Lync instant messaging and HD video conferencing. Select the option that best suits your needs – and budget, while only paying for these services based upon the number of users in your company.

Use Cloud Computing to Your Advantage
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